Enamel Magnet - Fluff - QTY: 6

Enamel Magnet - Fluff - QTY: 6

$ 30.00

Fluff. Born in Somerville, Massachusetts, enjoyed world-wide, obsessed upon in the Northeast. If you don't know how to make a Fluffer-Nutter, this magnet doesn't belong on your refrigerator. Comes with a removable back so it can be used on a bag or clothing as well.

Wholesale Pricing

$5.00 per magnet
Minimum item quantity: 6
Minimum wholesale order total: $90

*This item is for our wholesale partners only. If you are not a wholesale partner and do purchase you will receive one item and the difference of your purchase total will be returned to you. Thank you!

Product Details

  • 6 Enamel Magnets
  • Removable back