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Shepard, a new restaurant between Cambridge's Harvard and Porter Squares, shares historian Thomas Shepard's passion of bringing people together. Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood lies a progressive workspace by chef Susan Regis and manager René Becker, owner of the Hi-Rise Bread. They set out to create Shepard, a restaurant with a mission to create a warm comforting environment for friends and family to gather.

The logo and adage "Gather Together" were developed by Loyal Supply Co. alongside the owners in an attempt to capture their passions and influences. We used some of the same design principals that we employed in our own design. The idea for Shepard was a touch of France with a modern twist, great wine, oysters, sunlight, and an open kitchen. We worked with René and Susan to develop a logo and create a cohesive brand story that married the architecture, name, and intent of the restaurant.