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December 2017/ January 2018 - Issue 109, volume 11



To walk through the front door of Loyal Supply Co. is to experience immediate, overwhelming design envy.

I studied advertising and public relations at Michigan State University and got my first agency job at Arnold Worldwide in Boston. link 

Loyal Supply Co. set out last year with Aeronaut Brewing Co. to design a brand that connected with the community of Somerville. Link

Custom pegboards display the wares at Loyal Supply Co., a new home office supplies and housewares store in Somerville, Massachusetts. Link 

The focal point of the shop is Loyal Supply Co.'s 1911 Chandler & Price printing press.

All rise for Loyal Supply Co., a little shop of wonders solely dedicated to making everyday life just a bit more attractive, now open in Union Square.

The svelte, beautiful space is filled with a mishmash of gorgeously packaged goods.

The new shop is as functional as it is easy on the eyes. We spoke with Kim about the what’s and the why’s…

What happens when you combine the skills of a graphic designer with that of an event producer who both have a plethora of hobbies

The layout is both minimal and complex, full of nifty surprises and artisan products. You can’t help but peer through the large, bright windows as you pass by.