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Continuous Trivet

$ 95.00

Continuous Trivet
by: Ryan Habbyshaw

Designed to be both sculptural and functional, the Continuous Trivet is made to stand on its side or lay flat on the table. This elegant object is the perfect iconic centerpiece for your modern table. The trivets are designed to be reconfigured to create iconic shapes and compositions or increase their size. When the time comes they can be used to protect your countertop from heat or elevate a dish above the rest. All materials and skills used to create this product support local makers and suppliers in the metro Boston area.

- All trivets are made from 1 in thick material
- Each trivet is unique and will have natural wood character
- Coated with all-natural food-safe mineral oil
- Dishes cooked higher than 350°F let cool a little first
- Oil as needed with mineral oil or butcher block oil

Ryan Habbyshaw is a designer based in Massachusetts.